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    It took me awhile to decide between choosing Fiji or Maldives. I was told that both have their pros and cons. At the end, I decided to go with Maldives due to it being nearer to Malaysia. I would think cost wise, both these destinations would be about the same but the thought of flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and then connect to Fiji basically put me off as I have maybe 4 to 5 nights to spare for this trip.

    MALDIVES – what can I say.. it was beautiful.. stunning and beautiful. The crystal clear waters is definitely out of this world.. I spent 5 nights in total in Maldives but 4 nights in Loama Resort. As I was flying Air Asia to Male, we arrived at night and had to put up a night in the city. The seaplane ride out to the Resort the next day was an experience by itself. It is pricey but worth the trip out for a first timer here.

    The pictures that I took probably speaks for itself. Have a look and enjoy. If you want my 2 cents worth for planning a trip to Maldives, here it is.

    1. If you don’t like the sea, don’t bother coming. This place is all for relaxation and sea exploration. There is no night life at all.
    2. Make sure you have at least 4 night to spend at the resort.
    3. If you have the budget, spend it on a nice resort as you will be spending all your time there.
    4. Go for the seaplane ride (they say resorts that require seaplane to get to are cheaper)
    5. Stay at the airport hotel itself in Male City.

    Enjoy reading the rest of my trip!


    Special thanks goes out to Hathim from Loama Resort.

  • There was quite a few options to get to Male City from Kuala Lumpur but apart from Air Asia that offers direct flight, all other airlines will require you to make a stop. At the end, I went with Air Asia. Male Airport is a small airport. Heck, Male City itself is only 2km long. Arrival was smooth but once you arrive, you can already feel the heat. I arrived at night around 8pm Maldives local time and I was sweating!

    After getting our bags, I went out to be greeted by my hotel representative, Somerset Hotel. I chose a hotel at Male City as I wanted to experience it a bit like the locals, so Somerset Hotel it was. Coming out from the airport, we queued for our ferry tickets.

    Public Ferry

    They have speed boats but the most common used transportation was the public ferry. It took us about 10minutes to get from the ferry dock at the airport to the ferry dock at Male City. From the dock, we headed straight to the hotel. There are a lot of motorbikes in Male City, more than cars anyway. Roads are small and narrow, most of them are one way except for the major roads.

    Checking in at the hotel was smooth. Hotel was a nice small hotel (most hotels in Male City are small except for Jen Hotel which is owned by Shangri La). Went out to walk a bit after checking in but decided to head back to the hotel to grab some bite and then to crash. Didn’t see anything appetizing out there! Well, at least there wasn’t anything that I saw that would make me stay out and give me trouble waking up early tomorrow morning.

    I also took the liberty to include some addtional info about the islands in Maldives.

    An idea on how many islands there are in Maldives covering between North and South Atoll.

    The inside of the Public Ferry.

  • It’s Day 2, 7am in the morning. Had to wake up early for breakfast and then to head to the airport once again to catch my seaplane ride out to Loama Resort. Check in at the airport for the seaplane was easy. Once you have checked in, there will be a shuttle bus to bring you to your terminal. Once you arrive at your terminal, you will first be amazed with the fleet of seaplanes there.

    My Seaplane Up Close...

    Then you will see lounge by different Resorts. That’s where I spent my next hour waiting for my seaplane. It’s departure time and it will take me about 1 hour to get to my Resort.

    Check out the lounge for my Resort at the Seaplane Terminal.

    The seaplane was small, as expected. No of passengers and weight load of baggage plays a huge part in determining the no of passengers the airplane can carry per trip. The plane doesn't have any cargo space. Luggage storage share the same areas as passengers!


    The view from the seaplane all the way to my Resort was phenomenal. The 1 hour flight time flew by so fast! Check out some of the pics that I took from the seaplane!


    The seaplane ride is somewhat like a transit plane ride. My resort was the second stop so I had the fun of enjoying take off and landing twice!

    Upon arriving at my Resort, all I could think of was what I fantastic decision I had made to choose Maldives. Relatively short flying distance and not much jet lag issues to worry about too.

    This is the boat that I resort use to ferry use from the seaplane pier to their dock.

    Being in a Resort, one is expected to be lazy.. not do much everyday.. just slack around, enjoy the sea and sun. So from check in into my villa onwards… what can I say.. It was fantastic.. Nice villa over the water.. 


    Calm and relaxing surrounding water and perfect sunset.. what else can one ask for in life..

    What an amazing sunset view from my villa..

    Day 5 started with a morning rain shower. Rain stopped with clouds still looming around the horizon but at least it stopped raining! Can you believe this... Even with rain, this place can still look so perfect...

    Every day, I just find myself being mesmerized with the beauty of the surroundings. The crystal clear water is definitely one of its kind. No need for snorkeling.. the water is so clear that you can see ocean life swimming underneath you... I found these sea creature from my villa.

    Lion Fish right underneath my villa. (zoomed in picture)


    School of Small Fishes...

    Cuttlefish......... up close too....

    Black Tip Sharks.. whom are constantly fed on a daily basis by the resort people...

    Try and spot the Sting Ray underneath my villa..

    Trigger Fish according to my expert

    And last but not least... Tonnes of Reef Fishes surrounding our villa at night 

    Being in a place like this, every day, I am forced to make a tough choice.,,. Do I want to spend some money and go out for excursions like fishing and dolphin watching or do I just want laze around the beach and snorkel around the area… what a tough choice… being the lazy me… I decided to beach myself up and snorkel…

    I think tomorrow will be bad for me. A lot of heartache knowing that I will be leaving this place..... sigh... some holidays should just never end...

  • The last night of a good holiday is always the worse night of the holiday. Leaving this place tomorrow is such a difficult thing to do. My vacation couldn't have been any better than this. Sun every day.. during a month when it is suppose to rain but instead I was greeted with sunny days..

    I think the God of travel knew how I was feeling and look what happened....

    Probably the mother of all monsoon rain... torrential rain and wind blowing!!! Visibility dropped to god knows... and the worse thing.. I have my seaplane to catch about 4 hours from now..


    Thankfully.. the downpour reduced to drizzling rain after an hour or so... and I will not have a problem getting out of the island on my seaplane...

    On the way back to Male Airport, I flew above a local village.. I wanted to go visit a local village when I was planning for this trip.. But somehow or rather, that thought dissappeared when I was in the resort.

    Will probably keep this option for hopefully when I come back to Maldives again.............


    Signing out... Enjoy reading...

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