Chengdu ~ The Land of Panda
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    My impression of Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province is:

    * The land of pandas

    * The land of Sichuan opera shows

    * The land of chilies

    * The land of spicy hot spot

    Will split my impression of Chengdu into a few parts...


  • Bought this set of poker cards that has all the doodle Chengdu's famous food... and you start to look for food that you have not try out just to put them into a collection of those you have tried.


    And the actual look of all the foodies I've tried will be ~~

    The Spicy Hot Pot


    "San Da Pao"

    Mr. Fei's Beef

    Like their chinese wine bottles

    My Truffle Ice-Cream 

    And... they like eating rabbit's head!!!!

  • People there are more friendly than what I thought though...

    Elderly likes to buy a big bag of melon seeds and go yum cha with a bunch of old friends at their favourite spots in People's Park.

    The local government is encouraging the people to be more eco-friendly, so you will see people using Alipay to scan any of the bicycle parked by the roadside and start riding it to anywhere and you can park the bicycle anywhere you want to stop which I think is a really nice move to save the earth.

  • The hotel I stayed is near the Wuhouci & Jingli Ancient Street; the 2 Must-go places in my list and and because its so near I have to go there twice for the food, cafes and souvenir shopping.

    Hotel's Lobby

    Jingli Ancient Street's Main Entrance

    They have very strong cafe culture in Chengdu too... Different cafes has their own theme

    I like how they play around the traditional elements and blend it into everything especially buildings...


    On Day 2, I went to the city centre, the most happening places in Chengdu ~ Chunxi Road, Ego Fashion Mall, International Finance Square (IFS) Mall and Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li.

    It is a huge shopping area along the Chunxi Road with thousands of shops and shopping malls.

    You will see a gigantic panda trying to climb up to the roof top of IFS Mall.

    On the roof top, there are a few cafes and park for the people to hang out and chill.

    Moving on to Sino-Ocean Taikoo li; traditional buildings converted International big brands shopping area...

    A very popular bookstore ~ Fang Shuo Bookstore... you will love the environment there

    And and and... they have Line Store & Cafe there too :D

    After dinner, went to stroll along the Jiuyanqiao Bar Street...

    Public toilet>>

    End of Day 2 with Jiuyanqiao 

  • Went to Dujiangyan for its famous fish mouth levee on Day 3.

    And the famous Anlan suspension bridge

    After Dujiangyan I went to Guan County Ancient Village which is just right besides of it.

    One of the street name in the village "幸福路“... In Korean, it will sounds as 행복로 (Heng Bok Ro) which means "To Happiness" or "To Be Loved" 

    You will see lots of interesting shops with funny names and artsy bitsy decoration...

    One of the pub ~ "幸福里" means "In Happiness" 

    I love the hotel I stayed that night at Yinxiu Shangting Hotel... Highly recommended!

    You can join their Tai-chi class in the morning...

    On Day 4, went to Jiezi Ancient Village before heading back to Chengdu city...

    You can take pictures with all the sculptures around too :D

    oooo... and I went to watch the Sichuan Opera Show in the city.. hehe

    On the last day... went to the two places of my Must-go list ~~ People's Park & Wide Narrow Alley

    Oh ya... they have this ear-digging services in Chengdu.. Uncle will walk around and ask you to try...

    As I was walking along the way from People's Park to Panda's Post and Wide Narrow Alley, you can see a lot of sculptures...

    Went to Panda Post.. Bought lots of postcards & send 1 to myself... which is what I normally do when I went to travel :D

    Here comes ~ Wide Narrow Alley

    - The End-


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