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    SO...after many many attempts of "trying" to plan for a run-away girl's trip, we finally have a verdict to spend our get-away celebrating TWO very special girlfriend’s Hen's Night together on a trip as both of them are getting married soon! We girls just wanna have some fun over the weekend. So, we have decided to fly to land of sun, sand, happy juice and many bootyful  beautiful bikini bodies.. PHUKET!!

    Phuket Island has been like a second home town for me.
    I'd go at least once or twice every year just for the sun tan, the beach, wearing bikini with Chang Beer happy juice while enjoying the ever so hot sea breeze filled with all shapes and sizes of people around the world in their skimpiest outfit swim wear!

    we have been planning for this trip for months and it's fianlly happening!

    What will us ladies be doing for a 3 days 2 nights stay in Phuket?

    Read through my journal and discover with me!

  • Unfortunately, just a week before the trip, one of the bride who was supposed to be part of the trip bailed for business reason, so we decided to bring her picture along with us so she can ALSO be in pictures we take, since we have planned this excitedly together.

    5 of us, gather at the KLIA Airport waiting for our flight with that ONE bride who couldn't join us...

    Taking Malindo Air this round, as the tickets were cheaper and it was includding 30kgs of check in luggage.
    We took an afternoon flight to Phuket, and we arrive at Phuket at about 4:40pm local time. 

    I never pre-arrange any transfer as i thought, we can take a public van which cost us about 180 baht per person instead of renting a van that cost 1,300 baht.
    Besides, when we take a public transport, the van will stop us at a tourist information centre where we can book our local tour.
    Since it was some of their first time in Phuket, the girls and i decided to take up a Island Hoping Tour the next morning!

    Can't wait for the sun to burn our ass!!

    The public van drops all customers to the door step of their hotel, and after dropping off a few 'ang mohs' at their backpacking guest house and hostel, we girls were the last one they drop off because as we were staying at one of the nicest resorts in town!

    Centara Blue Marine Resort & Spa Phuket

    We booked 2 superior room with garden view for 5 of us. 

    1hr after checking in, we got ready to go out for seafood dinner!

    We went for dinner at one of the top 3 best seafood restaurant in Patong beach resort, Savoey Restaurant.
    It's an iconic restaurant located near the intersection of the famous Bangla road, and beach road, a very strategic location in Patong.

    This were the dishes we ordered. We had to choose the fish fresh from the icy cold counter, then they will make it however we want. We had asam grilled garoupa, seafood tomyam, steam garlic prawns, mix vegetables, fried rice and it was delicious!

    The restaurant was flooded with tourist and many many ang mohs, but we minded our own business. We basically ate like starving barbarians, laughed with our raucous voices, took pictures together like some selficide (a compulsive disorder to seek attention by serially posing before a mobile phone and sharing the picture with others for feedback) To many, maybe we seemed like some lunatic, but i enjoyed every bit of the night with the girls because, it was that moment that counts, when 5 of us who has known each other for more than 15years get together on a trip together, you don't want to be normal ^_^

    We went back to the hotel after dinner as we wanted to spend the night in early because we'll need to get up at 7am to catch our transport to the port for our Island Hopping!!

    back in the room, of course we had our pillow talk before bed time.

    took like a gazillion wefies together and call it a night. 

    Looking forward to our activity tomorrow!

  • We woke up earlier in the morning to make sure we make it for breakfast at the hotel before we leave for our all day activity. 
    And lo and behold, it was truly worth it!

    Our morning view during breakfast at 7am.
    The weather was beautiful as if God knew that we were going for our island hopping tour. The sun was up early, and the skies were clear with cotton clouds.
    We took another gazillion round of wefies again of course, (but i'll only show you a few lah)

    Our ride came to pick us up on time and we took a 40mins shutter ride to the port.

    We were than briefed regarding the safety and what should we do and not do in the boat when we depart from island to island.
    We were also given pink hand bands to indicate which group we're in! 

    As you can see, we didn't bring the pretty bride's picture out today because it's gonna be a very hot and wet sunny day out so we don't want to destroy her pretty face. Hence we kept her safe in my bag and went on with our gazillion pictures taken *lol*

    First stop, Phi Phi Island!!

    Phi Phi Island was filled with tourist once again, and although i'm not a big fan of crowd, i was still happy to be part of the whole multitude because i've gotten my Vitamin-SEA!!

    Snorkeling was fun too, the only short fall was the corals were all pretty much......grey and brown color. I was expecting to see more colorful underwater coral!

    Island hopping was fun, we girls had lots of pictures together, so much laughter and of course, happy juice!
    very unfortunately, one among us here was afriad of the sun despite agreeing to go on this tour. She was most of the time fully covered and rather sit under shades so she won't get tan! non other than the Bride! i guess no brides wanna get married with their sun tan on do they??

    We arrive back to our hotel at about 6:30pm local time, and started to get ready for dinner.
    So it's our second night here and we planned to have a good dinner and get wasted celebrating Adeline's hen's night!

    Dinner today was at one of my favorite restaurant to eat everytime when i visit. Restaurant No.6

    Restaurant No.6 is just located near Bangla Road, and as you can see it's filled with people queuing up for food again. But, we queued up for the shutter tuk tuk to take us UP to the hill top restaurant no.6! i barely waited for 5mins, and the shutter tuk-tuk arrived.


    We didn't manage to get a good seat because we were pretty late after sun down, so we gotten our seat inside and started feasting!!
    After a whole day of Fun and Sun, it's time for us to savour our dinner tonight!

    Tonight's dinner was better than what we had yesterday!
    We ordered Spicy Sour fried garoupa, Stir fried Kailand with prawn, Fried egg with Onions, Green Curry Chicken, and Pork Neck salad...
    every dish tonight was heavenly!! 
    It wasn't just the food, the environment wasn't too humid and hot too. Because No.6 hill top was on a higher altitude, hence the chill.
    We sat till the place was about to close, so did we.

    And, our next agenda of the night, is to get wasted.LOL!! and, we ALMOST did *wink*

    We took picture with random white men whom we asked to dance with the bride, and they were very polite and friendly to participate.

    the night ended with lotsa drinks, many dance attempts with random strangers. many pictures taken... and finally, we ended the night with playing this...

    it was a virtualy reality roller coaster ride where you put on the virtual video glasses and they will manually pull and push your ride as per the picture.
    It was funny when one of us stepped up and play when she wasn't too sober and was screaming ALL.THE.TIME!

    It was a good night out... 

    And i was too un-sober to take any more pictures.

    i only remembered that we were all in one hotel room and i told them to continue what they were doing, and i just knocked off...


  • we got up early the next day ready to savour our breakfast with the WINNING VIEW before packing and checking out our hotel.

    After breakfast, we headed to the gaming lounge to chill and take some pictures before leaving

    we checked out from the hotel and gotten a van to pick us up to the Airport directly at 12:30pm.

    It was a short and fulfilling trip with them. Nothing spectacular, but it surely drew us closer together.
    They are surely the ones that makes me laugh allot louder, smile allot bigger, and just live allot happier!
    i guess these are people i don't mind being crazy lunatics with and be seen in public!!

    love you girls long time! 



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