Korean pop star or Korean Ahjumma??
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    Althought this is not the first time i been to Seoul, but i'm still super excited, because i'm going to try out their hair perming for the very first time. One thing you’ll notice when you visit South Korea is how well-groomed the women are. Recently the whole Korean hairstyle trend has come into play and I realised one’s hairstyle can make a huge impact on their appearance. That's why i'm feeling little worry, because i really don't want to end up like this!!!!


    Korean Ahjumma = Korean Aunty!! 



    After changing my mind for almost 100 times, i have decided to JUST DO IT!

    Before i perm my hair, my hair was very flat. Make me look like a student.. =(



    Found this LISOHAIR salon through some Asian blogger. Apparently it's good & affordable. LisoHair salon have many outlets all over Seoul. I have decided to just go to the nearest one from where i stayed, LISOHAIR outlet @Ehwa. The moment i enter the salon, i wanted to run away, because NOBODY speak English or neither Mandarin. Probably the only English words they speak is 'PICTURE!!'. I was guessing they want to see the sample pictures about what kind of hairstyle i want to do. The only Korean words i can speak is "NO NO, AHJUMMA!"


    Thank God for google translate, i manage to convey my thoughts. Well, finger cross.. hehehe



    Their service is very good. After i decided what to do, they immediately took my jacket and put my handbag together into a locker and hand me the key. When i was sitted down, i was given a big pillow to put on my lap. The pillow is really useful, when i was using my phone and reading magazine, my hand will be on the big pillow. That will prevent my head to look down. 

    The black pillow on my lap





    Waiting.....for the result...either Korean Pop star or Korean Ahjumma... 






    Ta Dang~ Here is the result!! not quite a Pop star yet... hahaha...but at least for sure not an Ahjumma!



    With reference to the price chart above, I paid a total of 77,000won (perm (setting/digital) + treatment (clinic) which amounts to about RM300! The whole process took about 2 hours to complete. It's super efficient & worth the money. Highly recommended! 

    My tips will be, have a sample photo of what kind of hairstyle u want and GOOGLE TRANSLATE! =)


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