Eat.Sleep.Drink.Repeat in Malaysia
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    This is about my relaxing do-nothing trips to Kota Kinabalu & Langkawi... 

    Didnt go for any excursions or tourist spots... 

    Did nothing but eat.sleep.drink&repeat :D

    You will need 2 things for a do-nothing trips:

    1) A nice hotel

    2) Solo trip -> Book / Music

       Not Solo trip -> FRIENDsss

  • So I went on my first solo trip to Kota Kinabalu last November... to clear off my mind, heart & soul...

    which is a whole new experience to me and its my first do-nothing trip...

    Why KK? Mainly because of the hotel...

    My original plan was to Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort  because of its famous Sunset Bar but after knowing Rasa Ria has a bigger beach... thats it... 

    My do-nothing trip: solely beaching... sun-bathing... swim.. read & drink

    Fully utilised my room and hotel's facilities..


    My room in Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort

    They gave me a complimentary bath spa too :D

    Love their beach and sand X10000000

    If this is my work place's view, I WILL WORK EVERYDAY~~~

    Stunning sunset view every night... especially when it has rainbow

    My favourite sunset 

    Foodies I had there~ Lychee Punch (+vodka)

    Yuzu Sake

    - I will be back Rasa Ria!! -

  • My second do-nothing trip ~ I went with my colleagues... coz all of us need to get away from work & do nothing :D

    So we went to Langkawi for the cheap alcohols

    We went on a Friday night, right after work, got onto the last flight and reached Langkawi in the midnight...


    The hotel we stayed ~ Dayang Bay Resort has a very nice sea view.. and you can see yachts around

    After breakfast, the first place we head to is Duty Free shops and bought 6 wines, 1 Rose ice wine, 6 Guiness, 6 1664 & 2 Corona

    We went to Scarborough Fish and Chips Restaurant for the famous fish & chips and some other fried stuffs... 

    Excellent beach at the restaurant

    Did henna too :D

    How can you not swim.. with the stunning view

    - End of my 2nd do-nothing trip - 

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