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    It has been a year since i've gone on a solo trip. Last year was a 8 days trip to London. And, since i've only got a long 3 days weekend to runaway, i'd figure to go somewhere close to home and doesn't require allot of planning.

    Bangkok it is!

    A city where i can have the audacity to eat anything by the street without feeling guilty.A city where i can just put on my jeans mini skirt with loose cotton T-shirt and  flip flops, to stroll the whole city without feeling under dressed. A city, that i don't know where i'm going, but it's ok. 

    So without further ado..

    i'd like to share with you, my solo journey to Bangkok with a BANG!

  • Being a solo traveler requires quite an amount of boldness and curiosity.
    Without them, i could end up spending a bomb for a short trip.

    Upon landing in Bangkok International Airport, i walked out with my luggage and started wondering how will i be be getting to my hostel. It's an unplanned trip. and it was a last minute decision, so i booked my Airasia ticket and accommodation and just flew.

    As i landed at the airport, i know i could easily hop on to a taxi and go straight to my hostel, but since i was there for the experience, and i'm was in no hurry, i decided to try the local way of traveling. With the help of the airport concierge, I found out the cheapest way to get to my hostel. I took a local bus to the nearest MRT station that took me approximately 30mins bus ride, and hop on to the MRT to Ladprao Station that took me about 10mins. Airport to my hotel within an hour during peak hours! Bang!

    I think staying in this hostel was one of the most fascinating experience during the whole solo trip.
    As a solo traveler, I needed a place to sleep and bathe which is clean and quiet. And I stumbled upon My Bed Capsule as I was booking my hotel for Bangkok.

    My Bed Capsule in Ladprao is the first ever capsule hotel in Thailand which has a separated capsule section for the men and women. So we have the female capsule sleep-box section and the male section separated. It’s a little bit out of the excitement from the city, but it worked for me as I am not planning to party solo anyway.

    Here are some pictures of my capsule sleep box


    My Bed Capsule has pretty good reviews on Tripadvisor, and it has been one of those hostel that I’ve been wanting to experience ever since the capsule/cube hotel culture was developed by the Japanese and now is so popular across the world. Each compartment is not too small, as you can see from the pictures above, its not as narrow as we all think. And i can still stand on the bed and not hit the ceiling! it's commonly equipped with a hang on TV, a power socket, build in air conditional, and a sliding curtain that works as a door. Yup, you can’t lock your curtain so, little tip here is Don’t Bring along any valuable items when you travel alone or stay in a capsule hotel.

    That evening after checking in, i went out to hunt for my dinner. Since MRT is just across the road, i arrived Chatuchak market within 20mins and started hunting for food. Chatuchak market is knwon as one of the largest weekend market that sells everything from every part of Thailand. it was so huge and crowded with local Thais and many tourist. 

    To be honest, i am not a big fan of crowd. Let alone it's a huge crowd and i hardly have got space to even stop and stare at the stores and things that were selling. So I’ve decided to walk along the street that was less crowded and I found food instantly! Street Food Attack!!



    Street food was everywhere as I walked along the busy night street filled with stores selling clothing, accessories, food, gadgets, and all sorts of items to be seen along the way. All I could devour in, was their street food. Until I figured, I’ve walked a long way, and I didn’t know where I was. I was too engross with the never ending night market and got carried away.

    It was time to turn back and take the public transport to go back to the hostel.

    I lie on my bed, enjoying the serenity at night after I was done cleaning up. Capsule hotel was quiet, and there weren’t allot of people who checked in. it was like having my space on my own with no disturbance. And the bed, was nothing less than an international hotel’s bed quality. It was simply comfortable.

    It was end of my day one experience, awaiting what could be installed on Day 2!

  • I think i slept for 10hrs straight with my alarm offed, my phone silent, and the capsule was dark. i hardly noticed it was already 10:30am. it was the best way to get up.

    Breakfast pantry of this hostel was rather simple and clean. they serve bread, english scones, hot chocolate and coffee. 


    it was already close to noon when i move my backside out from the hostel, so i figured i should just go get some local lunch instead,

    right around the corner has got this small restaurant that has got a few of the locals in ther working attire having their lunch, so i walked in and sat down, to order my all time favorite Padthai with fry egg (sorry, can't survive without egg) and i ordered extra because i was just too hungry and not gonna feel guilty about it!


    After gobbling my brunch, I’ve decided to pay a visit to one a Husky Cafe named TrueLove @ Neverland. I’ve decided to take a 200 than baht taxi ride there instead. [email protected] was introduced to me by one of my girl friend who know that i love dogs. And low and behold, the café was flooded with more than 30 huskies.




    Every entry is for an hour which will cost 300 baht. Payment is inclusive of a cup of tea and a piece of cheese cake. We were then asked to take off our shoes, to wear a blue plastic wrap over both feet, wash our hands clean and sanitized them before walking into the husky home to have our play time with the dog.
    It was really the happiest place on earth when all husky were all around you. The place was very clean, and well maintained. The dogs were all very well cared for, very friendly, adorable, and they don’t smell. I think I took close to 1000 shamless selfies with the dogs because they were simply too fluffy and adorable to missed out any moment! If you love dogs, you should really pay a visit. 

    Maybe it's the holiday mode, i got hungry again quickly after playing with the dogs. So i took a tuk tuk from Neverland to the nearest MRT and visted one of the posh restaurant i've always wanna go to, Dean & Deluca.

    Dean & Deluca pioneer upscale market-cum-eatery store is from New York. And now, it has opened in Bangkok's eastern suburb the The Crystal. 
    It was one of the most relaxing moment walking into Dean & Deluca after traveling under the hot sun. The place was spacious and has a veriety of products to choose from. From simply sandwiches, to several courses meal, there is something for everyone. 



    Shopping was my next agenda. How can we not fall for shopping in the famous Platinum Fashion Mall?
    I went crazy the minute i walked into the mall. Good news is, i didn't had much cash with me. Bad news is, i didn't has much cash with me. 
    I walked for 3 hours non-stop and only covered 30% of the mall. i just couldn't continue my walk anymore. The mall was crowded, there were people from all different side of thr world shopping as if it everything was free. My legs were killing me and i end up going for foot reflexology. 

    Shopping can be theraputic, shopping can stressful also, thinking i've got only so little, but i've got so much to buy!

    So i think i'll just stick to, eating. 

    i visted this very interesting restaurant at night for dinner. Cabbage & Condoms restaurant. i couldn't be bothered if the food was good. But the name itself was calling me to pay a visit. So, after getting a good massage from the damage of shopping, i took a grab bike to this restaurant. Yes, you hear me right, a Grab Bike. they woked like Grab Taxi in Malaysia, but in Bangkok, because it's contantly jammed with verhicle on the road, and humanbeing on MRT, so grab bike comes in handly. 

    As i was waiting for a taxi during the busy peak hours in the evening when everybody is going for dinner, there was this biker who was wearing a Grab Bike vest and he was asking me in their local language which i don't have a clue what was he asking me. Until i saw the vest stating "Grab Bike" i aksed "Cabbage & Comdoms?" he nodded and i just hop on. SUCH DANGEROUS MOVE! but i wasn't thinking. all i wanted was to eat and sit down again after a whole day of walking. The ride was fast, and cheap too. it cost me only 50 baht.

    As i arrived Cabbage & Condoms, i was welcomed by...

    Santa Condom was standing there telling me it's totally safe to be eating in this restaurant and take one condom if needed.


    these people are just so safe to be around. I don't feel threaten at all being solo.


    The food was indeed delicious. It's what i'd eat normally even when in Malaysia. But what we don't have back home, was a condom as a souvenir to ask you to stay safe. This restaurant in indeed a place i'll never forget. Bangkok has always been known as their liberal view and action comparing Malaysia. 

    After dinner, i think i left a little bit energy to make it back to my hostel for rest because tomorrow, will be the day i'm flying back.


  • I took my time to sleep in, enjoyed having no disturbance as if I was in my own world when I was at the capsule. Like nothing matters but me. Nobody was rushing me, nobody was waiting for me, and it was just that spur of freedom I enjoyed.

    I woke up, packed, ordered a taxi, and off I left for the airport.

    I wish I could stay longer, to explore more interesting places, but I needed to rush back for a family's wedding. So I took the noon flight, and made it just in time, for the big day.

    Traveling solo might seemed scary to many people, but it was actually very helpful for our self-growth. Because it's our time, so we need to plan, and allocate, and organize, and if there's anything that doesn't end up as planned, we leant to be flexible to be able to deal with it, and work around it spontaneously.

    When I traveled solo to London last year, after 8 days, I told myself that I will not travel solo again, because it can be quite lonely seeing the world alone and not being able to share it with anyone at that very moment. Yes, social media does help get you some attention or two when you post a picture, but, at that very moment, it can be pretty lonely being mesmerized and excited alone.

    Hence, this year, I chose Bangkok, because it is ever so busy, so exciting, so weird, so much distraction and you don't feel alone at all.

    Having said all that, I still think that, one should try travelling alone sometimes. It helps build your character in so many ways, especially when you need to build self-control! Imagine if I’ve had more cash with me, I might have bought the whole Platinum Mall!

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll enjoy Bangkok as much as I did.

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